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The Lunaverse will consist of NFT buildings which can be purchased, developed and sold. Lunaverse will allow monetization through rewards from owning NFTs, advertising, sponsorship, building redevelopments as well as play to earn.

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Listing Price: 1 LUNA = 1 USD

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap exchanges at March 7, 2023


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The Lunaverse NFT viewer showcases the high resolution 3D imagery of the latest NFTs with Lunaverse NFT and IRL building metadata tables. to Blockchain

You can view and explore the Lunaverse and plan the building of your empire. The raw imagery displayed here isn’t the look and feel you will experience within our metaverse environment so please refer to our conceptual videos which illustrate the Unreal Engine game engine output.

Token Name - Lunaverse
Token Symbol - LUNA
Token Decimal - 18
Token Supply - 100.000.000
Network - Smart Chain
Contract Address - 0x696DDe002923B853794609d270c14A116a4D7f11

Lunaverse Launches New Website

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Lunaverse’s new website across both mobile and desktop devices. With a refreshed look and modern design, will improve Deploy dApps Check nodes View resources View rewards Use global apps Vote on XDAO


What is Lunaverse?

Lunaverse is a virtual world built on the Binance Smartchain. Explore stunning, real-life replicated cities, build a property empire, develop and customize it while being rewarded, interact with terra based protocols all in the Lunaverse.By integrating our super high resolution, engineering grade spatially accuracy 3D models within Unreal Engine, Lunaverse will leverage technology and IRL, Terra and other blockchain partnerships to create stunning visualisations and user experiences.